Apartments also make excellent investments, and there are many reasons why you might want to buy one, whether you want to live there or invest in it. But buying a property, while lucrative, can also be challenging; if you are considering purchasing an apartment, it is important to carefully weigh both the pros and cons before making your decision. Take a look at both sides of the issue so that you know if you are making the right decision.

The pros of purchasing an apartment
purchasing an apartment has many benefits because not everyone is suited to owning a house. Buying a house requires a big amount than an apartment.A condominium usually requires less maintenance than a home. Imagine that apartment residents have no lawns to be mowed or hedges to be trimmed. Lots of ongoing maintenance will be addressed by the strata committee. But some aspects of your home will need to be maintained, too. Fees will be needed for issues like public liability insurance, maintaining and cleaning the public areas, etc. And the Building, aka your home, will need the occasional checkup, and expenses for that will come from the homeowner’s annual strata fees.

The cons of purchasing an apartment
the typical down payment for a home is about 20% of the purchase price. The interest rates for a mortgage range from 3 to 4% on average. Another thing is, even if you don't live in apartment, you can't do anything with it and prices may also be cheaper. There is usually no facility for pools in an apartment.also it is very difficult to put out a fire in an apartment building so doing so would be risky and in a building rescuing people from fire is very difficult and life threatening. It also might not be the best time to buy an apartment if you're planning on making a huge return on investment. The value of the house is determined by the size of the property, whereas an apartment takes up less land. You may end up sharing common amenities like the car park, lifts, pools, gyms, or other amenities available to all residents when living in apartments. Your walls will also be your neighbours' walls, meaning you may not have the same amount of privacy you'd have if you lived in a house. Also it is life threatening in case of earthquake because it is difficult to come out quickly from   building.

Other factors to consider when deciding whether to purchase an apartment
It is difficult to know whether to buy an apartment or not because there are so many things to think about. Do you want your rent money to go towards your mortgage instead? Would you like to move to a larger space in the near future? What is your vision for the new house? Are you able to put together enough savings to cover a large down payment? Are you willing to make concessions like cutting out restaurants to purchase your dream home? Do you want the benefits to come in the form of a regular monthly cash inflow or property value appreciation?

the pros and cons of purchasing an apartment
When you are considering buying your first home, you may want to keep a few things in mind before making a purchase. If you are considering buying your first home, here are a few things you need to consider before you make a purchase. Your down payment amount, how much mortgage you qualify for, and the current market price all determine how much home you'll need to purchase. Contact your local real estate agent or visit Zillow for information.

So here, we can conclude that owning an apartment has less benefits than a house. There several things that are much better in case of owning a house than apartment. Also buying an apartment has more disadvantages than house. So if you have enough amount to buy a house, avoid purchasing apartments. And if you have insufficient amount to purchase house, start saving more to buy it.

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