Guide to sell your house without dying trying

Selling a house can be an ordeal. Do not think that simply by placing an ad on the Internet there will be an avalanche of people willing to give you any figure for your apartment. It is not so easy: you will have to adjust your offer to reality and know how to move if you want to achieve your goal without dying trying. For example, how will you determine the right price? What would you look for when choosing a real estate agency? Are you sure that the decoration of your house will like all potential buyers?

What is the right price?
The price is not decided by you, it is set by the market. Determining the price at which you are going to offer your house is not an easy task. You have to play with the approach. To get the first idea, look for flats similar to yours in terms of square meters, location and characteristics in online real estate portals. Take an average of the prices and avoid setting an amount much higher than this figure, thinking that this way you will have more negotiation margin. Never put your apartment up for sale at a higher price, because that is how you are helping your neighbours to sell theirs.

The number of calls you will receive will give you a first clue as to whether or not you have been right with the price. If a flat looks nice on the Internet and nobody calls, it means that it is too expensive. If you have many visits and nobody buys, it means that the price is good but the house is ugly.

Are you in a hurry to sell? Identify your priorities.
When it comes to selling a property, price and time are two inextricably linked variables. If after the early days you don't even have visitors, something is wrong. The price would have to be lowered gradually, until the figure adjusts to demand, especially if you’re looking for a quick house sale. If after six months you have not sold even though you have lowered the price to the limit, it means that you did not hit one of the two variables: price or time. Experts recommend adjusting the price according to the activity of the buyers: an average of six visits per month accompanied by the corresponding purchase offers is a sign that you have found the right price.

Selling yourself or choosing a real estate agency?
It is always recommended that you go for a real estate agency rather than selling the house yourself as it’s always best to let the experts handle the task. If you decide to hire a real estate agency, choose well. Select an agency that has a good market portfolio and outreach. If the agency undertakes to offer certain services, such as photographic reports, featured ads on real estate portals or guarantees a certain number of visits per month for a reasonable fee then go for it. It will help in the long term.

It is not enough to clean the house: Depersonalize it
You have to do everything you can to make your floor look good. But this job is not limited to cleaning and picking up what is out of place. The decoration you have chosen for your home may not appeal to everyone: that collection of dolls that you are so proud of or that armchair that you do not want to throw away even if it has holes may horrify a potential buyer. Remember the first impression is very important. It is important to depersonalize the house, so the buyer can reflect his own ideas into it. It is essential to remove all photos because the buyer does not want to enter someone else's home. If you are not equipped to do all this then resort to home staging, a real estate marketing technique that, through cardboard furniture, improved lighting and repair of defects, among other things, aims to make your apartment as neutral as possible so that it can appeal to the largest number of people.

Fix the damage
A door that does not close properly, some broken tiles, a crack in the wall, these are all things that at first glance can be throwback a potential buyer. That is why it is recommended that they be fixed, as long as they do not involve a very high outlay. The return on investment for a small reform can be very high.

Take advantage of the Internet
Online real estate portals are the best showcase for your home, but their offer is very wide and it is easy for the buyer to get lost in the sea of ads without looking at yours. How to captivate their attention? First, take care of the photos: blurred images and uploaded to the contrary are not worth it. Hire a professional, who for very little can do a good photographic report, and if there is video it’s even better.
The description is fundamental, both of the house and of the surroundings.

Don't be eaten by stress
Consider that if you are going to sell the house on your own, you will have to adjust to the needs of potential buyers. It is not worth refusing visits on weekends or showing the apartment in a mess because you did not have time to collect. It is very important to have a good attitude from the beginning and answer all questions; you have to be transparent and welcoming.

Offers all documentation
Have all the documentation on hand when you receive the potential buyers. For example, the deed of sale, it is something that gives confidence and confidence is important. If the house is mortgaged or you have pending bills to pay, try to fix everything before starting the negotiation. The buyer can find out on his own if the house has charges - and the notary is obliged to make it known - but it does not hurt that you have already worried about solving it.

Seek advice before signing
If someone has finally fallen in love with your apartment, but you have no idea how to proceed, seek advice. This is where the real estate agent comes in. Follow his advice and finalize the deal.

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