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5 ways to get a house for cheap

Where many people are buying houses for fulfilling their needs of a residence, there are also many people who are selling their houses. Many sellers in the market are selling expensive houses at a high rate, more than their actual price.

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Selling a property without an agent - 7 common mistakes y....

Many property owners decide to sell their house or apartment themselves - often with the idea of saving the broker commission and selling the property quickly. However, great caution is required here because without the appropriate know-how, a lot can go wrong.

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Tips for putting real estate to income in 2021

There are many readers who ask us this question, especially in light of the news concerning the post Covid-19 period. In today's guide, we will try to give us an answer, which may not be done in a couple of lines but which needs some reasoning. Well for all you soon to be home buyers I have this to say.

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Buying a house abroad - The most convenient locations

The real estate market has suffered greatly throughout the world, hitting on the one hand those countries that already had a precarious situation by completely eliminating it, on the other countries have resisted. So, looking at property for sale abroad is still worthwhile?

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Selling a home without a broker - a guide

Small mistakes can lead to major financial losses. For this reason, sellers usually turn to a broker who takes over the property sale on their behalf. However, if the use of a realtor is out of the question, a private house sale needs to be well thought out

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The European cities preferred by real estate investors

A driving force for the growth of the European real estate market was undoubtedly given by Brexit. If that wasn’t enough Covid pandemic got into the mix and put all those looking for land for sale in a limbo.

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What impacts has the coronavirus had on the real estate m....

While the lockdown caused a temporary freeze in the housing market, it was not long enough to prevent its recovery. But the occurrence of the Covid has caused changes! What are the effects of the health and economic crisis? How are the different real estate professions organized?

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Guide to sell your house without dying trying

Selling a house can be an ordeal. Do not think that simply by placing an ad on the Internet there will be an avalanche of people willing to give you any figure for your apartment.

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The 8 Main Stages Of The Purchase

If you are a first time buyer and don’t know where to start, then this guide will teach you everything you need to know before embarking on this real estate marathon, in eight steps.

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Investing in Real Estate is the best option?

There are various financial products, such as mutual funds, shares in the stock market, among others, that promise greater profitability according to the degree of risk you want to assume. After analyzing several alternatives, we conclude that investing in Real Estate is the best option for 16 reasons.

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