Things to look for when buying a house

Things to look for when buying a house


Buying a house is a big decision, especially for first-time house buyers. So before you take the leap, there are few things that you need to know, few questions you need to ask and few markers you need to check. This guide will give you a general idea of what you need to know before you buy your first house.




  • Desired environment
  • What do the neighbouring properties look like and how far are the neighbouring buildings from the property?
  • Who lives next door? Are the future neighbours sympathetic and open? Do you fit into the new environment yourself?
  • Is there any other noticeable noise or odour?
  • Is there a bus or train stop nearby that allows you and the children to reach important places?
  • Where is the next motorway junction or the next main road? What about the risk of congestion?
  • Has the distance to your workplace increased? How long does it take to get to work from door to door?
  • Are there any traffic-intensive streets, an airfield, noisy or very disruptive business or a farm nearby?
  • Are roads, railroad tracks, industrial buildings planned in the vicinity? Will the settlement be expanded further? Are any changes to the flight routes planned that could affect the area?
  • How far do you live from your new home? Are you ready to give up your familiar surroundings? Do you lose contact with friends and family as a result of the distance?
  • What is the range of crèches, playgroups, day-care centres and schools like? Does the school enjoy a good reputation?
  • Can the children go to school on foot, by bike or by public transport? How safe is the way to school?
  • Are there children of the same age in the vicinity (a requirement for a child-friendly climate)? Is there a playground nearby?
  • What is the range of shopping options, including a bakery, butcher, etc.?
  • Are there doctors, pharmacies, hospitals on-site?
  • What does the range of restaurants, cinema, theatre, sporting leisure activities, etc. look like? Which clubs are eligible?
  • Are there excursion destinations and recreational areas nearby?
  • Are there a garage or enough parking spaces (visitor parking)?
  • Are there enough parking spaces for your car?
  • Is there enough space for a second car or motorcycle and bike?
  • Is there a bike room or storage room available?




  • How high will the tax burden be at the new location?


Condition of the building

  • Can walls be removed or drawn in?
  • Which walls are load-bearing?
  • Can the house be expanded?
  • Can there be contaminated sites? Have asbestos-containing materials been used?
  • Have wood preservatives such as pentachlorophenol (PCP) and formaldehyde been used?
  • Is there a need for the renovation? What exactly is in need of a renovation?
  • Are there problems with the roof, the insulation, the windows, the sanitary and electrical installations, the heating or the chimney?
  • Moisture at the most?
  • How good is the building fabric?
  • Can you see cracks or other facade damage?
  • Can the kitchen and bathroom be taken over or are investments necessary or wanted?
  • How well is the building insulated against heat loss?
  • New buildings: Are the materials listed in the building specifications?
  • Which energy source is used for heating? Does the heating system meet today's requirements?
  • What is the expected remaining service life? Does it make sense to install new heating and additional insulation?
  • Which basic electronic installations were laid during construction? Would these possibly have to be torn out and relocated?
  • How do Internet and TV connections work? Is there a fibre optic connection for fast internet?
  • Are there enough sockets? Are the sockets working?
  • Are the TV and telephone connections in the right place?
  • Are there empty conduits for other lines?
  • How is the cellular reception?

Protection & security

  • How is the building secured?
  • Are new locks needed?
  • Is there an alarm system or a motion detector?

Do the interiors meet your needs?

  • Do the number, size and floor plans of the rooms suit your needs?
  • Are the rooms conveniently located to each other?
  • Is there room for cupboards behind the doors?
  • Can furniture be arranged differently?
  • Does your furniture have space or do you need to buy new furniture?
  • How bright are the rooms?
  • How are you sunny?
  • Can the rooms be well ventilated and heated?
  • How does the quality of the interior work?
  • Does the expansion match your requirements visually and functionally?
  • Are repairs necessary?
  • Are there enough wet rooms?
  • Does the kitchen meet your requirements?
  • Does it offer enough space and work surface?
  • Are all required devices available?
  • Are the floors OK?
  • Do the floors (carpet, parquet, stone slabs, etc.) meet your own requirements or are investments necessary here too?
  • Does the house have enough storage space (screed, cellar, built-in cupboards, hobby room)?
  • Is the property still habitable in old age?
  • Can you only live on the ground floor?
  • Can the house be subdivided and sold as two apartments?


How high are the additional costs?

Ask the previous resident exactly and compare them with their own change requests (heating, electrical installations, etc.)


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